Well there's no way of getting rid of them completely (unless you pay the big bucks to have them lasered) BUT there are a few things that you can do to reduce the appearance of those beauty marks and most of these items you already have at home! Too EASY!    HERE WE GO!

COCONUT OIL- I love the smell of coconut oil, reminds me of being at the beach, during spring break, ahhh the good ol days' ANYWAY.. This stuff promotes healing and prevents stretch marks occuring, Organic Coconut Oil is the purest and is the best for your skin's health.. 

ARGAN OIL- Vitamin E enriched oil increases the elasticity of the skin and when you rub it on those beauty marks it heals them and gradually they fade :)   

LEMON JUICE-  I am obsessed with the way they smell already and when I found out they totally help with the appearance of stretch marks.. I was super excited! ;D Rub a lemon wedge on your skin or plain lemon juice daily.. 

 APRICOTS- HUH?? Say what now? YES! Apricots!   Grind 2-3 apricots w/o the seed of course (silly dilly's) , form a smooth paste, apply directly where you need it, leave on for 20 min-rinse off.   

 Last but not least..... (drum roll por favor!)

WATER- This gets a big D-U-H.. By drinking  8-10 glasses daily it helps your skin so much and Its so good for your skin you have no idea! It really does make a difference, restores elasticity and keeps your skin soft..  SO there you have it, there are so many other things to use but I dont have all day.. I hope these few help you guys out...  Until next time.....  xo!               
                                                              When life gives you LEMONS.... you RUB them all over your body. ;)