What's Your Passion?


We all have a passion and a purpose. Do not let anyone get in the way or talk you out of what your passionate about. (this happened to me) We tend to make up plenty of excuses because of fear or doubts. Most people who haven't figured out what their dreams and passions are end up being a "yes man" all of their life. They live by letting other people tell them what to do and just settle because its comfort zone and safe. Seriously think about what moves you. What kind of hobbies do you have? Do you ever do something you love and think OMG i wish I could do this everyday? It can be anything, but whatever your dream may be and its meaningful to you, you need to GO FOR IT! Do not give anybody this b/s that your too old or have too much time invested where your at (and totally miserable)  This is such chicken s#@t! Its never too late to start your dreams, you can do anything you set your mind to. To be totally honest with you I spent half of my life making up a whole bunch of different excuses and I was always the one complaining about everything in my life and wishing I would've started a side hustle years ago and kept saying that I was too old to start anything new. I was totally crapping myself out for the longest time. One day, I decided to change, rather than just sit and wish something would just fall on my lap, I decided to go for it. I started a makeup side gig. It was alot of work and didn't take off like I wanted but its ok, I did not give up! I am focusing on other things that I love.  It takes alot of work and nothing happens overnight ( i so wish it did!)  The truth is your never too old for anything, if its something you want you just need to go for it no matter what anyone says! So rather than just sitting there daydreaming about your passions and goals, you need to just go for it!   It's so not going to be easy, but with some motivation and discipline YOU GOT THIS!   Remember you are the architect of your life, it's up to you how you choose to live it.



Take action, change your attitude and be positive. You will never accomplish it if you keep putting your dreams and passions aside. You need to have the courage to start and achieve amazing success in life. When your talking to people let them know what your plans and goals are because you never know what could happen, they may have some connections or know some people that are doing what you are wanting to do.

Dreams are super important for an entrepreneur and when you focus and set your mind to it, you will achieve them. All of your hard work will pay off you just need a little patience (which i am getting better at) and do not give up! You guys have grit, I know you do. Just need to ask yourself when you even think about quitting is, between now and dead is this how you want to live?