THE CHANGE!!?? How to Stay Sane & Healthy

Most of us think we need to be well into our mid 50's or so to even start going thru "THE CHANGE!" UGGH. Ok, this is a sore subject with most of us (ok me) but there are positive ways to find relief before you absolutely go insane, eat a dozen of chocolate chip cookies in one sitting or snap at your husband because he didn't load the dishwasher correctly. So your in your 40's (which is the new 30) and aunt flo doesn't visit every month like she used to and totally annoy us because it was always at the worst time! We're still cranky and crampy but nothin'. So a month goes by so then we start heading to the nearest pharmacy and while driving we are thinking oh shit! I'm too old to start over, how could this happen (even though we know exactly how it happened) and then worried about the 2 bottles of wine you had the other day, what's gonna happen now, etc. You get home take the test and NEGATIVE. Whew! (but then your disappointed because it was negative!)  So why the heck am I late??! 

Go to the Dr. only to find out your in the early stages of m....pause! WTH? There's no way this could be happening. :*(  I'm much too young for this. So then there's the weight gain and sweet cravings all the freakin time! Not everyone experiences the same thing but if you do there's no need to fret, of course be sure to see your Dr. to make sure there's no underlying medical condition or anything like that. This is the time you really have leave the sugar and junk food alone. I know its super hard to do especially with the holidays ahead. The following are some practices that I wanted to share that may help to naturally maintain some hormonal balance during peri.....pause! It's been helping me :)

Eating right- Having a good diet not only keeps you looking fabulous and in shape, but it can help control hunger and cravings. Consuming protein with each meal helps your body release hormones to control appetite, and consuming plenty of fresh fruits and veggies have positive impact on energy levels and mood. 

Herbal Supplements- Herbs have been used in traditional medicines for centuries to help women with their hormones and health issues. Lucky for us, there are some herbs that seem to be perfect for curbing symptoms of p.....pause like the moodiness or fatigue. (which is my big problem!) Ginseng has been amazing for me. Maca root is a supplement that seems to protect bone health and alleviates hot flashes as well as interrupted sleep. Many holistic health professionals also use black cohosh to alleviate hot flashes and night sweats, irritability and heart palpitations. Most of these items can be found at your local health store, but of course be sure to check with your Doc first! :)

Exercise- This is a big D-U-H. Its an all-around mood booster and stress reliever, something that any hormonal or moody woman can appreciate. Exercise also can help with hormonal balance. They say to keep the exercise moderate, because too much can cause the body to create too much cortisol, a stress hormone that adds belly fat.(wth?) But short bouts of high intensity exercise, strength training and mild cardio can help control cortisol levels as well as balance insulin, HGH and testosterone; all great for keeping fat levels and mood in check..

Yoga- Its so beneficial, (from what the doc says) it helps relieve stress while stretching and strengthening your overall physique. I will do a yoga video and I'm like omgosh this is super easy..then after a few minutes its like oh s##$ this is tough! The poses are so much harder than they look! ( I really love doing BARRE right now) 

So there you have it, I hope some of these tips help you get through this. Believe me, its no fun for us. But we are strong, we got this (we have no choice) good luck, good health and hang in there dolls.


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