Shapewear Secrets Revealed!!

 Hey ladies, first off..  You must stick to your size!  I know, I know ( im totally guilty of this too) we want to get the next size up for comfort. (but is there really any comfort with these things?) Anywho- as tempting as it may be that extra fabric just bunches all up and looks totally noticeable. The fit should be snug BUT not too snug to where it makes it hard to breathe or move. 

You should also wait at least 5-7 min after showering to put on your favorite shapewear item and also try to avoid lotions/oil before putting it on. (ugh, i never did wait and just felt sticky and hard to adjust)  :*(   If your impatient or always in hurry like me, then sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch on skin. It will help dry off fast. :)

If it were up to me, I would wear compression leggings EVERYDAY! oh well- ahhh the daily struggles we have.

ttyl- hugs!


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