How to Look Slimmer in Denim

Women come in all shapes and sizes. (ugh why cant I have Marisa Miller's shape?!) We all hate having to go jean shopping and having to try on a zillion pairs before we find that right fit. We are our worst critic so then we end up getting pissed off because it seems so hard to find that perfect pair that doesn't make us look too fat or too short :*(   Its not that bad, we have a few choices below that will help 

DARK wash skinny jean-These are our absolute faves because these babies will cleverly conceal lumps & bumps! You also want to opt for a pair made with spandex fabric so then it hugs the bod (spandex does a body good!) Pair them with a cute tee, jacket and some stilettos and "VOILA'"  your looking like a hot babe!

High Waisted Bell Bottom Jeans- Because most are fitted around your bum and thighs these will flaunt those assets just right. Pair with a fitted top and with the wide bottom flare jean this will make you look taller and slimmer.  :)

So there you have it, thanks for sticking around. And just remember ladies, make sure that your clothes fit properly. You do not want your clothes to pinch or cut off circulation, make sure you are able to sit and walk comfortable. Good luck and remember to be proud and stand tall. There's nothing more attractive than your confidence and strength. Just be you and you will SHINE!   xoxo!



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