Signs Your Burned Out AF

signs your burned out af

i was almost going to have a breakdown

Life is super busy. There's so much going on with the kids, school, work, taking care of the house, etc. If your anything like me and always on the go and sometimes do not even have time to shower or eat (because your kid always likes your dinner better) It got to be a bit much and didn't even realize it. I started to feel so angry all the time, no energy, had trouble sleeping at night. There were times I seriously wanted to punch a wall. I was always feeling run down and achy like if I was coming down with something, but mom's never get sick, right? I just had to keep going.  

This was totally my life for years. Every chance I get when I'm at home and my little one is at school Im working on my website, cleaning  or doing laundry (did i mention I also have a full-time job, that's super demanding)  I knew that I needed to make changes and take a load off because it was affecting my health, happiness and my marriage. I decided that I needed to make some changes because I wasn't the type of person that I would want to come home to.  Below are a few signs you may be experiencing burnout.  I was going thru all of them and didn't even realize it.  I am glad that I did because my girls and family need a healthy mommy :) 


a few signs are...

Exhausted AF- One sure sign of burnout is when you feel tired all of the time. Exhaustion can be emotional, mental or physical. This is when you constently have no energy and not even a cup of coffee helps, you are just completly spent :*(

You Lack Motivation- Your no longer feeling excited about anything anymore. Your normally up and around early with the kids you drop them off at school and normally come home to get stuff done but it seems too difficult to get going. All you want to do is catch up on your Bravo shows that you normally cannot watch while your kids are home.

Turn into a negative nelly 24-7- Your always in a pissy mood and get upset at the silliest things.  You get your feelings hurt and get upset with your husband when all he asks is if the dishwasher was ready to be turned on..  (WTH?)  Normally thats nothing to get upset about, right? Then you start to forget the littlest things and lose focus.   Everything just starts to get to you and right there you need to stop and think..... WTF is wrong with me???!!!  Thats when you really need some time to think and figure out a way to handle it before it totally gets out of control.


relax, soak, wine 

Taking some time for yourself is always needed and don't make excuses about it.  Sometimes you need to "do you boo"
Ask for some help with things.. The problem is that we try and do everything ourselves and it becomes to be too much. We feel like we are "SUPER MOM" we do not need any help with anything around the house or with the kids but in all honestly, we do! Do not be afraid to ask for help.  There are times my husband will make dinner, do all the laundry and even take our little one out for a bit and lemme tell you, that make such a difference! You will honestly feel so much better when you have some help around the house. Leave and go someplace for a bit,  go out with your friends for coffee or a drink,  take advantage of that "ME" time or go soak in the tub and I promise  you will feel 100x's better :) 


life's short, your 2 blessed 2 be stressed!!

Just remember when you are feeling any of these, you know its time to take it easy for awhile. Take some time to write things down, make a schedule, ask for help (call mommy) you need to find a why to reduce some stress before its too late.  Being #BOAF isn't like a cold, it doesn't go away quickly. It really creeps up on you though! You just need to make some time to make changes in your life and I swear it totally works!  This is coming from a gal who was always on the go,go,go and always thought she was like the energizer bunny until one day, it totally caught up with me. It will be the smartest thing to do, just remember, your kids and your other half needs a healthy you.  :)   xo!