Are You Wearing the Right Leggings?

Most of us aren't, I'm totally guilty of that too!  The only thing we care about is how our butt looks in them and not realize how important it is to have the right workout gear. First of all working out can feel like a struggle at times especially when your really not feeling it that day and then your a hot mess because your ill-fitting gym attire. The waist band isn't holding up like it did before, the material leaves you feeling kinda clammy and sweat will start to show (ugg worst feeling eva!) which can be an unpleasant site :*(  So at that point your totally not feeling too cute then you just throw in the towel and head for the nearest pub. When choosing your cute workout leggings its important that it performs as well as it looks cause then that will affect your workout. They key is to look for pieces that are incorporated with style, cuteness and functionality.. Below is a list of a few of my faves and it just so happens you can find some on my website as well.  ( FYI-We have a bunch of super cute patterns and colors, just sayin) :) 

 Bamboo Fiber, its actually one of the latest trends in workout clothing. It wicks the moisture away from the body and helps that bod to breathe while sweat evaporates. This amazing material also provides sun protection (up to 50 UPF) which is great when your workout is outdoors. 

Nylon- This bad boy is great for hard core workout sessions. Its super flexible and comfortable to wear and really quick to dry. 

100% Cotton- ONLY if your doing light workouts such as yoga but not for heavy duty iron pumping.Cotton is breathable but it doesn't take away the moisture, therefore the whole place can see what a sweat hog you are :*(  and not quick to dry either.

Poly-Dri- Is a artificial polyester fiber that is designed to keep you as cool as a cucumber while pumping iron. Poly-Dri is actually in so many things we wear including shorts, tees and undies. 

Spandex-: AHHH-. for the love of spandex. Old faithful, the go-to legging for most. Its totally gym friendly and with its flexibility, it never lets you down at the gym with whatever lunge or squat you may do. Its durable and wicks away moisture. Spandex is always a great choice. :)

OMGosh! I almost forgot...The Compression Leggings are the! They are slimming and they totally improve the bod! With textured patterns they mask any cellulite and the compression fabric will lift and sculpt those dangerous curves!!  You will have them all saying (in the words of Uncle Jessie) "Have Mercy!"  They are wonderful and do well with all activities- working out, hanging out or chasing after your kiddos!  No matter what these bad boys will make you feel super secure and comfy :)  

So there you have it, I would love to hear your thoughts or opinions. Which are your faves?  Until next time- ta-ta!




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